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Interview with artist Paramjeet Singh

March 30, 2010

Again, I just had a look at my circle at Behance and got impressed with Paramjeet Singh work. Actually, he ´s a student but he really made great works. I like his new logo and the whole creative process. He´s always trying new ideas and tecniques, what is making him grow as a designer. It ´s very nice to see others designers progress. I hope he keeps going as a designer, he´ll probably succeed!

Here is his Behance.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your motivation to be a designer.
Hi, my name is Paramjeet Singh, I am residing in South Wales (UK) and currently studying Interactive Media. I joined the world of Graphic Designing about 2 years ago. Firstly, I started with Fine Art when I was in my secondary school. I decided to carry it forward by doing A levels in such an area. But, after a while I decided to change my field and I ended up studying IT (Computing). I studied IT for 2 years and then I realised that IT is not my area. After a while, my friends introduced me to a few designing software such as Photoshop. My interest in Graphic Design started to grow, as I was getting familiar with the software. And, then I changed my field back to Art and ended up studying Multimedia. This is my last year of the course and I am hoping to do a degree in Graphic Design.

Where do you usually find inspiration?
Coming up with an idea from scratch is very difficult. Inspiration is the key element of this world. In my case, I normally question people on what exactly they are looking for, such as what colours they like, layout and text. I spend a few moments on the Internet in order to discover what is currently out there. There are a few websites, which I browse, everyday in order to keep my memory up-to-date. Here are the links,, and I also get a lot of inspiration from my photographs.

Also, I spend a lot of time playing games on my computer (and my parents always shout about it), but trust me sometimes you do come up with some very good stuff just by playing games.

How is your creative process and how long you take working in your pieces?
It depends on the complexity of a project. For example, I often write down all the possible questions and answers and then I start browsing and mix things together, until I come up with a suitable conclusion. After that a quick sketch of the final project on paper and then off to computers to finish it.

Old logo:

New logo:

Why did you change your logo and how was its creative process?
This is a very good question, in my opinions a logo should be able to represent what a company does. And in this case, my previous logo was very boring, dull and unattractive. The previous logo did not represent and mean anything. Therefore, I decided to rebrand my logo.

Now, the new logo took me about 2 months to complete, I did about 24 designs within that time and it was very difficult to select the appropriate one. In order to solve the problem efficiently, I printed all the logos and handed over to people in order to see what they say. Many people replied and asked me to select the current PDESIGNS logo, because it shows what I do and how I do it.

Which tools do you use the most? Why?
I recently started playing with Cinema 4D (pretty hard to learn), but most of the time I prefer using Photoshop because I am familiar with the options. I also use Flash and Dreamweaver when it comes to designing websites and other interactive media.

What do you expect from the future?
Simple answer; don’t know yet, might to go back to IT.

Thank you for your time! What could you tell to others that want to be designers?
Again, a very good question. I love art, but my parents don’t like when I make sketches of my work, they always say that I am wasting time and blah blah. All I can say to future designers is, “Listen to what people say, BUT DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT”.

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