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Photo Treatment: Turn a Day Image into a Mysterious Night Scene

March 3, 2010

In this tutorial we´ll create a night scene based in a photo taken during the day. It´ll look better than taking the photo of the same place at night, as it isn´t very illuminate at later hours. The effect by itself isn´t so difficult to create but I´m sure this idea can be used in a lot of works. Here is a preview of the image we´ll be creating:

And here is the image we will use in the tutorial:

Step 1: Some Adjustments

Let´s start turning the image to black and white in the way you prefer. I copy the red channel and pasted it into the layers. After that, I selected the sky and deleted it and, in a layer below, used the color 191c3f to paint all of it. This is our night sky. And then, just to make a better contrast in this imagem, I used curves and pulled it down a little bit. So, your image should look like that:

Step 2: Night Color

Now, to give a nice night effect, click crtl+click in the layer of the black and white cinema image and create a solid color adjustment layer. Then choose some dark blue, I choose 14496f, and use a blend mode, in this case the best is overlay. After that, use some outer glow, in layer style, with a low opacity, like 16% (it doens´t need to be very shiny). Now, the image is like this:

Step 3: Lettering

Well, it´s night and the cinema needs to be visible, because of it´s popular nighty sessions. So, it´s name has to be very shiny. Select the name and create a solid color adjustment layer with some strong red like ed1c24. Then, in layer style, put outer glow with the color ee3037. In size, choose 16px, spread 3px, and opacity 62%. And the logo below the name has to be shiny too. So, make a solid color adjustment layer again and use the same outer glow (but change the color). The colors of the logo are: f5fe60 for the top and 2bffe9 for the rest. Don´t forget to create a white solid color adjustment layer above the logo.

Step 4: Final – Moon and Stars

Now, draw a circle on the top left and paint it with white. Use outer glow again increasing the size and spread, and that is our fake moon. Then, dram a shadow in the shape of a triangle from the moon until the top right of the image. In the blend mode of the shadow layer, choose multiply and, in the opacity, 19%. And, just to finish, make some little fake stars with a brush with 0% hardness in a solid color adjustment.

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