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Organizing ideas: ad analysis

December 28, 2009

Writing is a nice way to organize ideas. So, trough this blog, I want to share content about the area I know the most, communication. Inside this area, more specifically, I´m going to talk about design, advertisement, movies and photography. I hope you enjoy it :). I start talking about advertisement.

Skol and women

I broke the ad analysis into its basic points, its fail and its succeed. Its basic points I believe are its ideas structure, sensuality, the use of soft sell and its basic structure. Its fail is its possible audience lost and its succeed is to attend physiological and social needs. And I end up talking about other ad of the same campaign and about other campaigns too.

Ideas structure

In this magazine two pages ad, there´s a logical ratiocination that connects the images at the pages. On the first page, it´s said that the drinking place is the way it is because its creator definitely wasn´t a Skol drinker. The drinking place is there just the way it really is at real life and people really incline this way to drink water. On the second page, it just comes up an assumption of how the drinking place would look like if its creator was a Skol drinker. The second page is totally fictional, the drinking place is too short for a regular person and its rounded shape connects with the circular brand of the beer and with the slogan “With Skol, everything becomes rounded”. To sum up, there´s a basic relation with the slogan since even the drinking place becomes rounded because Skol influenced its creator.


It´s clearly possible to see the sensuous here on the model very short skirt and in the probably impossible situation that she would incline this way to drink water. The woman little disregard is a typical men fantasy. The woman is just as the same as she was on the 80´s advertisement, a body without a voice. The model is exactly the same as the stereotype of a woman in an ad, because she is young, slim, white, passive and sexy. The passivity of the woman here is very clear, because the drinking place is very different of the usual but she just incline more, what was exactly what the creator wanted. She´s sensual because she incline this way ingenuously with the only idea of drinking water. Indeed she isn’t ingenuous but she acts like this to seduce. The woman is yet in a subaltern situation just showing the effect caused if the drinking place, created by man, was different.

It´s clear that Skol explores the vision of the woman as only man´s object of desire, just showing the model´s beauty and her passivity. This image will increase the success of the beer with men, which will identify themselves with the creator of the second drinking place, connecting the beer with sex and pleasure.

Soft Sell (1+1=3)

When it´s said that the regular drinking place creator wasn’t a Skol drinker, it means that he didn´t have a “sexual instinct” to have a better idea, as a Skol drinker would have. So, if he was a Skol drinker he´d made a shorter drinking place because of his stronger “sexual instinct”, his stronger masculinity. And, with the slogan “With Skol everything becomes rounded”, the idea of the shape of the “better” drinking place has its explanation. It´s a soft sell situation, where two different messages generate other beyond them. The first message, which is the union of the text with the image, says that only with Skol you would be smart enough to thought about a rounded short drinking place. And the second message, which is the slogan “With Skol, everything becomes rounded”, means that the drinking place isn´t in a shape of a square physically speaking and in the way of not being traditional, because of Skol. So, with this two messages it comes another: Smart is to not be square, drinking Skol.

Basic Structure

The ad begins with a text at the top of the left page, after is the image above, then you can see the other text at the second page with the logotype, and at last the other image. Then, there´s the slogan of the brand and the signature in a shape of a Skol bottle, what makes clear from who this ad is and show one of the formats you find the product. The right bottom is a very usual place for the signature in ads, because it´s the end of it and the last chance of persuasion.

Possible audience lost

In this campaign, Skol attracts 20´s men. Indeed the beer forgets that women of the same age could be its audience. Skol threats the women as objects and risks a great lost of audience. The brand is very focused on men, referring to an idea very connected to them, the “not-square” stuff when the subject is sex.

The others beers would never allow the consumer feel more men, just Skol. The others beers drinkers aren´t smart enough to create new ways to observe women.

Indeed women might not like the ad, because its threat them as object. It doesn´t mean that none women will drink Skol, but probably its feminine public won´t grow. A lot of women might find this ad funny and don´t identify herself with the model, but just find her vulgar. Others women might think like men because of the strong male thought in our society and see the model specifically as only an object of men desire.

Attend physiological and social needs

The ad attend both physiologiccal need of sex and social need of the human being to feel smart and sexually good, reinforcing the masculinity of Skol drinkers.

Others campaign

Skol have made another kind of advertisement, using 3D animation, for example. But it was forbidden because it attracted kids. The beer makes really good job on its ads and now it´s making a more sensual type. On TV made the commercial Summer Muse, a world where every men would have his exclusive muse. This really treated women like objects and create a polemic. The ad analyzed here has the same idea.

Ad of the same campaign

This campaing, called “Inventions”, has the same ratiocination as the ad analysed. All ads criticizes an object and that an Skol drinker would make it better in way to observe women. So, its treats women as objects without reaction. All the ads have the same structure, shows the real object and then how it´d be if it had been made by a Skol drinker. Another example is this another ad.

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