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Wonderful Macro Photography by Magda K.

August 25, 2010
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I really love nature photography. And macro photography too. Magda K.´s works are fantastic. This photographer from Poland understands vey well the beauty of nature and know how to show it in its best. Her shots are unexpected and the light is wonderful. Read more…


Great Black and White Photos of MustafaDedeogLu

June 1, 2010

Black and white photos are great mainly because of its contrast. MustafaDedeogLu´s works are a wonderful example of this. His photos show emotions and feelings that are better exposed without colors. Beyond that, some angles used by this turkey photographer are very unusual, giving his images are very authorial look. Read more…

Magical Illustrations by Amrei Hofstätter

April 15, 2010

It´s so great to find such an original artist like Amrei Hofstätter. Her work has it´s very own style. She made abstract forms based on origami and her colours are very surreals. It´s a fantastic work with an amazing style. It has a magical feeling because of its wonderful and unknow forms. Read more…

Splendid Nature Photography of Alexandre Deschaumes

April 10, 2010

I never get tired of wonderful nature photography. It´s always possible finds great photographers on Deviantart. Alexandre Deschaumes takes splendid shots, with perfect light and composition. Some has amazing effects, a litle abstract. Read more…

Baby Heroes

April 7, 2010

Looking images at Deviantart I found a Baby Jack! I ´m a big fan of Tim Burton and I really like the image. It ´s very detailed and it´s a different way to draw Jack. Well, the artist, Ruben Martinez, has made more baby characters images with comic heroes, what I find very creative. Read more…

Interview with artist Paramjeet Singh

March 30, 2010

Again, I just had a look at my circle at Behance and got impressed with Paramjeet Singh work. Actually, he ´s a student but he really made great works. I like his new logo and the whole creative process. He´s always trying new ideas and tecniques, what is making him grow as a designer. Read more…

Awesome Work of Orfée

March 26, 2010

Sometimes it´s hard to find an artist with an impressive work. Well, looking at my circle on Behance I took a better look at Orfée works. I asked myself why I haven´t showed her work here yet. It ´s great! I really like abstract pieces and Orfée makes really good ones. Read more…